Directing Coach / Workout Coordinator – Bobby Holcombe

Bobby Holcombe’s running career began in 1997 working under the guidance of Dave Nelson, Olympic Marathon Trials qualifier, Knoxville Track Club member and coach. In 2001 Holcombe began training with University of Tennessee Cross Country and Track coach, George Watts until 2006. During his competitive years under Coach Watts, Holcombe’s running statistics are as follows:  4:00 min. -1,500 meters, 8:31 min. -3,000 meters, 14:53 min. -5k, 25:13 min. -8k, 31:11 min. -10k, 1:09 -Half Marathon. During this time frame Holcombe raced in over 200 road, track and cross country races. Holcombe won 75 of the 200 races in which he raced. Holcombe has also finished within the top 125 runners at the Boston Marathon.
In 2002 Holcombe began coaching area athletes from middle school through master adults. Holcombe has taken on all levels of runners from Couch to 5k participants to elite athletes. To date Holcombe has successfully coached over 500 athletes.

Email Bobby
(865) 643-2840

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